The Benefits of Having a Digitally Savvy Board – for Museums & Nonprofits Too!

This year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Information Systems Research released a study that showed just how much companies in the commercial sector benefit from having a tech-savvy board. In fact, companies with digitally literate board members significantly outperformed their peers on key metrics:

4 Tips to Maximize Your Fundraising Potential from AAM’s Museum Magazine

In AAM’s January/February 2018 issue of Museum, they shared insider tips on how museum CEOs and board chairs can work together to optimize their fundraising capability. Read on to learn how to increase your fundraising efficiency and improve the bond between your trustees, board chair, and leadership team!

Cuseum’s 2017 Year in Review

2017 has been a year of exciting ideas, innovation, and creation! As we approach the final days of the year, it’s nice to take a look back at some of our favorite moments and remember all that we’ve achieved while looking forward to where we’ll go from here. Thanks for being a part of this journey! Here are a few highlights from this past year:

In Conversation at MuseumNext: Startups & Accelerators in the Cultural Sector

If you couldn’t make it to MuseumNext 2017, don’t worry, we have the next best thing! Brendan Ciecko, Cuseum’s CEO & Founder spoke with Rick Turoczy, Co-Founder of Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) in a session focusing on Startups & Accelerators in the Cultural Sector. Read on to relive the MuseumNext conversation, and learn how museums and cultural institutions could benefit from adopting startup mentalities!

Why Every Museum Should Make Data Part of Its DNA

In the digital age, museums and nonprofits are constantly looking for new tools and approaches to improve the various pillars of their operation. From collections to marketing, education, fundraising, and all things in between, there is no denying how valuable technology and access to data has become.

Highlights from TrendsWatch 2017

The Center for the Future of Museums, the forecasting operation of American Alliance of Museums, has released their TrendsWatch for 2017. Every year, we look forward to this curated list of the most influential global movements. This annual list explores current social and technological trends and examines how they might play out for museums, while sharing examples of museums already embracing or addressing the topics.

Highlights from TrendsWatch 2016

Summer is the time of year to regroup, head to the water to enjoy some waves, and look out at the horizon to contemplate the second half of the year. Here at Cuseum we are doing the same, though we are diving into different waters in search of what the future will be like. So much is on our minds… What will rock the industry’s boat (for better or for worse)? What tools at our disposal will be our lifejackets?

Museums that act like startups: An Interview with Douglas Hegley

This week we’re kicking off a series called “Museums that act like startups.” Museums are helping lead the way in figuring out how we can all benefit from technological innovations and in this series we’ll speak with museum professionals whose inspiring work is changing the way we experience art. 

Recapping Our Favorite TrendsWatch 2015 Topics

We’ve been road-tripping and storytelling and celebrating summer. Yet its also already over halfway through 2015 (we know, right?!). Summer is always good for embracing nostalgia. Where have we been? Where are we heading? With these questions in mind we revisited the Center for the Future of Museums TrendsWatch 2015 report this week. The report, released earlier this year, is one of the museum field’s greatest resources. It’s a fascinated touchstone for those of us imaging the future.

Spring Conference Wrap-Up

There’s a buzz in the air. Here in Boston the sun, salt water, and longer (warmer!) days have us all anticipating these next few magical months. At Cuseum we’re riding a wave of inspiration after a whirlwind spring of conferences. We hung out with directors, designers, administrators, curators, and educators– museum people (our people). Together we geeked out on art, museums, and technology. We shared visions of what the future might look like and what we’re doing to get there.

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