7 Things Your Museum or Nonprofit Needs to Know About Gen Z

Who is Generation Z? The next generation in line to rule the world, Gen Z is comprised of those born after 1998, the eldest of which are finishing up high school or entering college. We’ve compiled a list of 7 things that will help your organization better understand this new generation.

5 Ways to Improve Your Museum & Nonprofit Membership Process

Uncovering ways to boost membership is vital for museums and non-profit organizations. In order to survive, grow, and thrive, as well as continue to fulfill its mission, your organization needs to find innovative ways to attract new members and retain existing ones. Here are five trends to keep your eyes on!

Recapping Our Favorite TrendsWatch 2015 Topics

We’ve been road-tripping and storytelling and celebrating summer. Yet its also already over halfway through 2015 (we know, right?!). Summer is always good for embracing nostalgia. Where have we been? Where are we heading? With these questions in mind we revisited the Center for the Future of Museums TrendsWatch 2015 report this week. The report, released earlier this year, is one of the museum field’s greatest resources. It’s a fascinated touchstone for those of us imaging the future.

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