Libraries choose Cuseum to step a big step into the digital age.


⭕️ Challenge

Lost membership cards, outdated membership processing, and changing member needs are posing many challenges for libraries around the world. Increased costs of printing and processing are draining budgets and the cost of replacing cards is using up staff time.

✔︎  Solution

Digital membership cards help drive member engagement, reduce the time and cost invested in the membership process, free up staff time, and help members make the most of their membership.

see how cuseum can help:

Mobile Engagement  |  Digital Membership   Augmented Reality

Why go digital?

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Drive returning visitors
Delight your audience with curated tours on their favorite devices, and they will come back for more.


Save time
Improve performance with instant content delivery and flexible easy-to-use content management system.

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Cut costs
Go paperless with digital membership cards. Less work, better and faster communication channel!

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Encourage engagement
Remind visitors about new exhibitions, membership benefits, store and café promotions with iBeacons.

Why choose cuseum?


Libraries are committed to serving a wide audience with their educational mission, and members are the lifeblood of their support. Cuseum’s digital membership cards open a channel for improved communication, and allows your members to take their library membership into the digital age. Save your precious resources, reduce the costs associated with printing and processing your membership cards, and delight your members by switching to a digital membership card.


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