Cuseum can help visitors to your landmark make the most of their experience.

Landmarks around the country choose Cuseum as their partner for driving engagement with their visitors, members, and donors.


⭕️ Challenge

Varied hours, lack of resources and segmented visitor needs create challenges in providing all visitors with a fulfilling, educational experience.

✔︎  Solution

A digital tour guide can help visitors with various needs experience the guidance of a curated tour at any hour, and can provide them with interesting, relevant information to enhance their visit. No staff resources needed!


see how cuseum can help:

Mobile Engagement  |  Digital Membership   Augmented Reality

Why go digital?

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Drive returning visitors
Delight your audience with curated tours on their favorite devices, and they will come back for more.


Save time
Improve performance with instant content delivery and flexible easy-to-use content management system.

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Cut costs
Go paperless with digital membership cards. Less work, better and faster communication channel!

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Encourage engagement
Remind visitors about new exhibitions, membership benefits, store and café promotions with iBeacons.

Why choose cuseum?


Your landmark has a commitment to history, and furthering the knowledge transfer of what this place signifies. Cuseum’s digital tools can help delight and educate your visitors in places and during times that staff resources are unavailable.

Cuseum is trusted by landmarks

Here are a few:

"This state-of-the-art technology tool will increase public access and share the rooms and history of the White House across the country and around the world."
– Stewart McLaurin, President of the White House Historical Association

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