Driving Engagement in the Digital Age


Our platform is constantly evolving with new features. Here are a few of them.

Curated Tours
Create custom in-app tours. Replace clunky audio guides with the smart phone that’s already in your visitor’s hand. Let your app be your visitors’ personal guide and unlock a world beyond the four walls of your museum.
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Content Management
Easily edit and manage all content on your app from your Cuseum dashboard. Make real-time updates in seconds!
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Maximized Donations
Remind visitors about the perks of becoming a museum member, donor or ask them to make a donation before exiting with our in-app “donate now” option.
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Multimedia Content
Educate your visitors with additional information. Include special images, videos, audio, and other content to further their digital learning.
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Beacon Support
Create mobile notifications based on a visitor’s proximity to an object or location within your space with our plug-and-play solution.
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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
Enhance your visitors' experience by delivering a new visual layer with augmented reality (AR)
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graphics_Indoor Way-Finding_6.png

Whether indoors or outdoors, help your visitors navigate your venue with ease.
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Social Sharing
Let your most engaged visitors be your best marketers. Visitors can share what they love about your collection over social media — without ever leaving your app!


Connect with visitors of all sorts from around the world. We can translate your content into multiple languages and our apps work with accessibility options on most devices for the visually and hearing-impaired.
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Data Analytics
Learn deep insights about visitor demographics. How long do they spend in each gallery? What’s the most popular piece in your collection? Once visitors start using your app, you’ll automatically get analytics on your Cuseum dashboard.

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