Cuseum is Celebrating its 5th Birthday!

This month, we are beyond excited to celebrate Cuseum’s 5th birthday! We’re kicking off the festivities with 5 Fun Facts about our company’s 5-year-long journey. So, let’s take a ride down memory lane!

Cuseum’s 2018 Year in Review

It has been a spectacular year for Cuseum and there is a ton to be excited about heading into the new year. 2018 was full of growth, unforgettable happenings, and new additions to the Cuseum family. We’ve never been more excited about what’s been happening in the world of museums, public attractions, and cultural nonprofits. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

7 Things Your Museum or Nonprofit Needs to Know About Gen Z

Who is Generation Z? The next generation in line to rule the world, Gen Z is comprised of those born after 1998, the eldest of which are finishing up high school or entering college. We’ve compiled a list of 7 things that will help your organization better understand this new generation.

Dreamland Wax Museum Launches New App to Bring Their Figures to Life

We’re proud to announce that Dreamland Wax Museum, which opened in Boston this summer, has joined the Cuseum family with the launch of their new mobile guide! While most wax museums are traditionally a static experience, Dreamland’s new app will allow visitors to hear the voices and stories of their favorite celebrities, politicians, and historical figures.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Museums

Artificial Intelligence. It’s a concept that holds lots of promise, generates endless buzz, and is starting to make its way into everyday life. “In 2015, artificial intelligence went mainstream,” and undoubtedly, in 2016, we will begin to see an increase in experimentation within the cultural space.

Google Introduces Eddystone (and What That Means for Museums)

Last week Google introduced a delightful surprise with Eddystone. Why is this so exciting? It’s another step in the right direction for beacons. Eddystone is “platform agnostic” meaning it will allow us to seamlessly use Bluetooth beacon technology across iOS and Android. It will even enable us to better integrate beacon technology across iPhone user’s Google apps like Maps and Chrome. Estimote, whom we partner with, “announced support for Eddystone from day one” and Kontakt, another great beacon provider we use, supports Eddystone as well.

Recapping Our Favorite TrendsWatch 2015 Topics

We’ve been road-tripping and storytelling and celebrating summer. Yet its also already over halfway through 2015 (we know, right?!). Summer is always good for embracing nostalgia. Where have we been? Where are we heading? With these questions in mind we revisited the Center for the Future of Museums TrendsWatch 2015 report this week. The report, released earlier this year, is one of the museum field’s greatest resources. It’s a fascinated touchstone for those of us imaging the future.

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