Dreamland Wax Museum Launches New App to Bring Their Figures to Life


We’re proud to announce that Dreamland Wax Museum, which opened in Boston this summer, has joined the Cuseum family with the launch of their new mobile guide! While most wax museums are traditionally a static experience, Dreamland’s new app will allow visitors to hear the voices and stories of their favorite celebrities, politicians, and historical figures.

In announcing the grand opening, The Boston Globe reported that “Dreamland has also partnered with Cuseum, an app company that designs interactive mobile experiences for museums. Using the app, as you walk past the wax figure of Abraham Lincoln, for example, you’ll hear facts about the 16th president read by a voice actor impersonating Lincoln.”

In an industry that traditionally focuses on entertainment, Dreamland has taken a different approach, choosing to prioritize education and history over the “glitz and glamour” that most wax museums are known for.

While the museum does feature figures of famous entertainers like Elvis and Beyonce, Dreamland stays true to its devotion to education, dedicating half of its exhibits to more scholastic figures, including a reproduction of every single U.S. President. And with the new app, visitors can learn and be entertained by the fun facts and stories of these notable historical figures.

Dreamland’s innovative approach to what a wax museum can be pairs perfectly with the benefits provided by its new app, which offers a variety of self-guided tours with the themes of Historical, Educational, and Glitz and Glamour.

Dreamland’s new app is available for free and can be downloaded from the App Store or at https://app.cuseum.com/dreamland-wax-museum!

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