Headed to Blackbaud's bbCon? Here are 10 Awesome Things to Do in Nashville

Blackbaud’s bbCon, premier tech gathering for social good, is less than two months away. To quote our friends at Blackbaud, we’re ready to hit a high note in Music City! We’ve assembled a top-notch list of sights, eats, and adventures to help guide the bbCon crowd through the city. From cultural landmarks, outdoor spaces, to local favorites for food and drink, we’ve got you covered on every front.

4 Ways AI is the Next Big Game-Changer in Museum Membership & Attendance

At Cuseum we’re stoked to keep on doing amazing things with Blackbaud. We’re so excited about our latest piece on their npENGAGE blog, which explores AI in museum membership and attendance.

What Does Blackbaud’s 2017 Charitable Giving Report Show About Non-Profit Donation Trends?

2018 is definitely on a roll, but it can be fun to look back to 2017, especially after learning that last year was great for philanthropy! Blackbaud recently released their 2017 Charitable Giving Report, and the numbers don’t lie: non-profit donations increased in size and number! Overall, non-profit donations increased by over 4% compared to the previous year, but how do things break down in different categories?

Tips for Choosing a CRM for Your Museum or Organization

The private sector has long employed customer relationship management (CRM) software, but today, more and more, nonprofits, museums, and other organizations are recognizing the power of having a CRM. There are many options to look at when deciding which CRM to use as each solution employs a different focus, set of features, and cost to consider.

Integrating Digital Membership Cards with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT

For most organizations, their CRM is the hub for all things related to membership. CRMs have come a long way from paper systems and now come in the form of robust software that allows organizations to connect countless insights across dozens of channels to understand what makes members unique. In that transition from paper to digital, organizations have saved time, money, and a whole lot of hassle.

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