Putting Yourself in Your Members' Shoes (or Phones) With Digital Membership Cards

We’ve written a lot about why digital membership cards are so great for museums and really just about any type of membership organization (yes, they’re eco-friendlyaccessible, and leverage mobile wallets), but what is the experience like for members? Time to flip the script and put yourself in your members’ shoes! 

Cuseum CEO to Speak at MIT Hacking Arts

We are thrilled to announce that Cuseum’s Founder & CEO Brendan Ciecko will be speaking at MIT Hacking Arts! The conference will take place at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA on November 19th and will bring artists, innovators, technologists and hackers together to “explore the future of the arts.”

BostInno Highlights Cuseum’s Recent New Funding Round

Cuseum, formerly Spotzer, was recently featured by BostInno for the announcement of its seed funding. The story looks at how this funding will allow the company to build on its successful record and continue to expand. This seed funding will allow Cuseum to continue to leverage technology in the cultural sector and assist museums and cultural institutions in bringing an engaging mobile experience to their visitors!   

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