3 Reasons Mobile Wallet Is The Best Place For Your Digital Membership Cards


If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering introducing digital membership cards to your organization and members or maybe you’re just interested in digital tools. Digital membership cards offer a great way to help reduce the costs associated with membership processing, including: card production, shipping, staff labor, direct mail, or promotional/renewal materials.

When it comes to digital membership cards there are two ways they can be generated and distributed to your members: Through a single-use, 3rd-party app or via mobile wallet (both live on the members’ smartphone). The single-use 3rd-party app requires members to find it in the app store, download it, and enter in personal information (which means they have to find that information), all of which creates inconvenience for the member. We live in a one-click world, so why would you create all of these unnecessary steps for your members?

There has to be a better way, right?! You’re in luck, there is a better way!

The mobile wallet is a core component of smartphones and serves as a place to store coupons, gift cards, passes, and payment cards. What do we mean by “core component”? It can’t be deleted like a traditional 3rd-party apps (yayyy  🎉).

Cuseum worked with MBAs from MIT Sloan School of Management to research both options and understand which method is most effective for adoption. The conclusion: mobile wallet is the clear winner. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

Avoid app fatigue with your members

Most of your members are likely fans of other institutions in your area and beyond. Imagine, if all organizations required visitors and members to download a single-use 3rd-party app, what the home screen of their smartphone would look like! In short, it would look cluttered. And what’s the first thing you do when your home screen looks cluttered or you’ve run out of storage? You start deleting apps. Why would your organization invest a significant amount of time and money for something that is at high risk of being deleted?

It’s easier for members to access and use

With mobile wallet, membership cards can be added to the member’s smartphone with a single tap from the email you send. Unlike a single-use 3rd-party app that requires members to find it in the app store, download it, gather their personal information, and then enter in that personal information. Some quick math tells us that accessing digital membership cards through a 3rd-party app adds about two to three times as many steps for the member than accessing via mobile wallet. A two-step process, or a six-step process? Sounds like a no-brainer!

Communicate with members directly via their smartphone

According to the American Museum Membership Conference Survey, donors and members who are connected to an organization through multiple communication channels are at least 20% more valuable than those connected through only one channel. Rather than sending members another email, hoping they receive, open, and read said email, why not send reminders to members about renewals in a way that ensures they will see it? With mobile wallet, you’re able to send a renewal notification to the member that pops up on their phone similar to a text message. You might be thinking, “well, we can send reminder notifications via our app.” Yes that is true, but this is assuming your members still have your app downloaded to their device. Remember, mobile wallet is a core component of smartphones and cannot be removed. Single-use 3rd-party apps on the other hand, can be removed and studies show that they are being removed at an increasing rate.

Are you looking to take the jump to digital membership cards? Want to learn more about mobile wallet? 

For more information, download our guide to digital membership cards.

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