How Your Organization Can Go Green With Digital Membership Cards


When you think about the push to be eco-friendly and how you can help, what comes to mind? Using fewer to-go cups? Opting for paper over plastic grocery bags? Turning the lights off when you leave the room? You may never have considered your organization’s membership cards when you think of things that could be greener! But when it comes to the environment, every little bit counts, and switching out your plastic or paper membership cards for something with no environmental impact will not only save your organization time and money, it’s also great for the Earth!

The cards

The most obvious environmental impact of membership is the cards themselves. Paper is more eco-friendly than plastic, but both are resources that we can’t afford to waste. Of course, plastic loses points for not being biodegradable. PVC is the most common plastic used to make cards, and when it’s thrown away, it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces that make their way into our environment and are eventually ingested by animals. Not something you want your members to be reminded of when they’re visiting your organization!


PVC is also used to make other everyday objects, like water bottles

It’s not just one

Unfortunately, it’s not just one card per member. Just think of the cumulative effect as each member renews their membership every year and is issued a new card! Your members multiplied by their years of membership = a lot of plastic in the environment and entering the food chain. And of course there are the people who continually lose or misplace their card and need a replacement–those add up too! 

What’s more, you probably need to remind your members to renew their membership, right? You may be sending out multiple reminder letters per member, not only draining your staff’s time and organizations budget for stamps, but using up a lot of paper in the process!


The bigger picture

And as if that weren’t enough, how are the cards manufactured? Between the resources that go into the cards themselves, the energy that powers the machines, and the fuel required to ship the cards, the big picture isn’t pretty!

Right about now, you’re probably feeling pretty bummed about the whole membership process, but there is a simple solution! Have you considered digital membership cards?


Digital membership cards

100% biodegradable. No manufacturing required. No shipping required. Digital membership cards are sent directly to your members phones where they live in the digital wallet. Easy to install, and branded specifically for your institution, your members will appreciate the effort you are making towards being green!

Is it time to send out renewal reminders? Not only do you not need to devote a team of people to stuffing envelopes, you don’t even have to think about it! Renewal reminders are sent automatically to each member’s phone! When they do renew their membership, there’s no need to issue a whole new card and cause twice the environmental impact; the digital card is updated on the member’s phone in real time!

What are you waiting for?

Whether your motivation for making the switch to digital is purely environmental or a benevolent attempt to save your team from late nights stuffing envelopes and licking stamps, switching from physical to digital membership cards will not only save your organization time, money, and resources, it will also lessen your carbon footprint and act as a beacon for others following your eco-friendly lead! If you aren’t ready to go entirely digital, at least give your members the option!

Membership cards have barely changed in our lifetimes, and it is time for them to get a major upgrade. The environment will thank you!

Interested in making the switch to digital? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a Cuseum expert now!

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