Integrating Salesforce and your Digital Membership Cards

Salesforce Team

Chances are that your organization may use a customer relationship management (CRM) system as the “digital backbone” of your membership operations. The world has come a long way since paper records, rolodexes, and ledgers, and the modern CRM has made it easier to store, organize, and work effectively with your growing community of members.

With such a powerful tool that allows organizations to store and track their membership efforts more effectively, why are we still manually printing and mailing physical membership cards? It’s costly and time-consuming, yet non-engaging for the member.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take what your CRM did for your membership process a step further and have membership cards generated and distributed without any extra labor?

You’re in luck! Cuseum connects with Salesforce to save membership teams a whole lot of time and hassle!

Digital membership cards are not only a great way to help reduce the time and costs associated with the membership process, but are more environmentally friendly and allow you to help members understand their benefits more clearly. As a member, if I know my benefits, I use them and thus am more likely to renew!

Better yet, digital cards increase accessibility by leveraging universal design and allow you to communicate directly with all of your members to be truly inclusive. Through this additional communication channel, you’re able to automatically remind members that their membership is expiring or that you have an exciting event coming in the fall.

Don’t take our word for it – see what our friends at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco had to say about their experience!

We realized that with a burgeoning membership program, making the move to digital membership cards would save us paper, plastic, postage, and significant staff resources. Cuseum presented a brilliant, and research-based, solution for the Conservatory of Flowers. With a two-to-three month runway to consider all possible variables, Cuseum’s team worked with us to launch digital membership connected with our Salesforce database.

As we encountered challenges along the way, Cuseum’s team patiently helped us figure out each issue and resolve it. Now, issuing membership cards and staying connected with our members is much easier and more efficient. The renewal process is automatic. I only wish I had made this move earlier!

Integrating your digital membership cards to your CRM is a great way to give your membership team time back to spend on other important membership activities. In addition to Salesforce, Cuseum also connects with Blackbaud’s Altru, Raiser’s Edge NTX, Neon CRM, and Tessitura.

Is your CRM not listed? No problem. Our admin dashboard makes the process of adding your members as easy as “drag-and-drop” to send digital cards to your members. 

Let’s get integrating!

Interested in switching to digital membership cards? Schedule a free consultation with Cuseum today.

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