Cuseum CEO to Speak at Communicating the Museum 2017


We’re thrilled to announce that Brendan Ciecko, Cuseum’s CEO & Founder, will be speaking at Communicating the Museum 2017! Held in Los Angeles from November 6-9, the conference will explore the idea of “Museums Beyond Walls.”

Brendan will be speaking about Startup Partnerships & Accelerators in the Cultural Sector. This panel will explore what cultural institutions can learn from startup mindsets and how they can translate these ideas to fit the cultural sector.

Communicating the Museum aims to address the challenge of bringing the work of cultural institutions into the current age and the changing, but still deeply relevant, role that museums play in our society. How do we make art and culture more accessible, and what partnerships can we make to facilitate that access?

“Professionals from museums large and small, historic and contemporary, will gather from across the world with experts in the worlds of technology, business, media and academia. Together, we will explore some of the most pressing questions facing culture today: why do some people never come to museums? How can we reach new communities? What is our social and political purpose? And what are the limits?”

Join Brendan in Los Angeles as he and others seek to tackle these timely questions!

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