Dallas Contemporary

Small But Mighty: How Small Museums are Achieving Big Success in Digital

Technology is a powerful storytelling vessel, and museums large and small are jumping aboard the tech-wave to communicate their stories and educational content. But, there is a common misconception that innovative digital solutions are exclusively reserved for the big and mighty – that is, organizations willing and able to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development and implementation of, say, a new app, or digital experience. We’re here to debunk this myth. Here, we’ll highlight just how museums with tight budgets and small staffs have worked with Cuseum to develop sustainable, creative, digital solutions to drive visitor engagement as well as cut costs, save time with their membership programs.

Share Your Favorite Art with Dallas Contemporary’s New Mobile App

A warm welcome to Dallas Contemporary, who just joined the Cuseum family with the launch of their new mobile app! Not only will the app enhance visitor experience with a more in-depth look at the exhibits in the museum, it will also allow visitors to easily share their favorites over social media!

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