Introducing Cuseum AR: Spark the Imagination of Your Visitors


We’ve never been more passionate about helping cultural institutions push the envelope with new and immersive experiences. Today, Cuseum is pleased to announce a new feature and support Apple’s ARKit to help craft new ways of delivering experiences for museum visitors.

It’s our mission to help museums and cultural institutions accelerate visitor engagement through a variety of digital tools and we’re always seeking out new ways to innovate within the cultural sector. That’s why we’re investing in augmented reality and expanding the benefits to new and existing partners.

Cuseum AR provides a new level of frictionless engagement to visitors directly to their mobile device. Read on to find out more!

💡More than Pokémon GO - What is AR?

You’ve probably heard of augmented reality (AR), the combination of real and computer-generated worlds viewed through your phone. It’s the technology behind Instagram and Snapchat’s filters and the Pokémon GO craze. When AR is married with image recognition and machine vision, it opens a whole new dimension of possibilities.

When you layer contextual information on top of objects, products, or places, you end up with a seamless, magical experience.

AR has been around for years, but the recent investment in AR by major tech platforms, including Apple, has yielded a never-before seen level of quality, stability, and ultimately, user experience. Our technology uses Apple’s ARKit to leverage the iPhone’s camera, pairing it with image recognition to overlay instant content to your visitor’s phone screen and offer visitors an ✨automagical ✨way to access content.

🌎 A Whole New Dimension

Cuseum is combining AR with image recognition and machine vision to open a whole new dimension of possibilities for the cultural sector. We’re blurring the lines between the virtual and the real to help welcome your visitors to a new world of limitless possibilities.

The beauty of this technology is that it can bring art and history to life in new and interesting ways. Whether it be creating a world that doesn’t exist, bringing an item to life right in front of your eyes, or doing something simple like helping a visitor identify where they need to go. Augmented reality is a versatile, powerful tool for the museum experience.

💫 OH, the Possibilities

Art museum, historic home, outdoor sculpture park, AR applies to a wide range of cultural organizations. Using a little imagination and creativity, if you can envision a unique and transformative experience, we can try to make it happen with augmented reality. Here are just a few uses of AR for cultural institutions.

Educate. Satisfy your visitors’ thirst for knowledge and information. Augment existing visual content like wall labels with additional information on the screen. Our feature detects every piece in a gallery and provides a title and description for each artwork or object. This is particularly useful for translating labels into multiple languages, providing larger text for individuals who are hard of seeing, or supplementing printed text for knowledge-hungry visitors. Imagine overlaying information over even the most precious of details on a painting with an anecdote about the technique used to achieve that brushstroke or pointing out subtle objects in the piece that may otherwise have been missed.

Entertain. Spark your visitors’ imagination! Take static, inanimate objects and bring them to life. Imagine the subject of a 17th century portrait leaping out of her frame and welcoming you into the gallery. Augmented reality gives visitors a new perspective on works in your collection by animating objects to make them relevant and relatable to your visitor.

Guide. Simplify navigation with AR. It’s easy for visitors to get lost in museums of all sizes. Direct your visitors to a specific gallery, the nearest restroom, or your museum’s cafe. AR will use the visitor’s camera in their phone and overlay real time directions to guide them where they need to go.

• Create. Engage visitors beyond your four walls. Add objects, that don’t physically exist in your space, digitally using augmented reality. We can create collaborative digital artworks, signage, or showpieces that your visitors can explore and engage with on their mobile device. Imagine placing a digital sculpture in the center of a gallery that your visitors can walk through and around. Our collaboration with the Perez Art Museum Miami is a great example of this.

🚀 Ready to Journey into the World of AR?

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