Cuseum CEO Talks AR and Innovation in VentureBeat


Cuseum’s CEO & Founder, Brendan Ciecko, was recently published in VentureBeat, a leading tech news publication, in an op-ed that explores innovation and AR technology in museums. Brendan’s article looks at both how museums have begun to implement AR technology, and how they can continue to utilize this technology in the future to boost visitor engagement in new ways. 

“If we think of the world as a book, then augmented reality is the digital magnifying glass that enables us to explore the details behind every word, letter, and punctuation mark — right down to the granular texture of the page itself. AR layers context onto an interface that you can see and understand. It blends two different realms, the real, physical world you see with your eyes and the world you see on your device in an interface that creates a new layer that’s as familiar as the phone in your hand.

When married to image recognition and machine vision, AR opens a whole new dimension of possibilities. Museums specifically are pushing the envelope with AR and showcasing the technology’s potential through creative implementation. They’re using AR for everything from wayfinding to bringing objects to life to developing entirely new, digital artworks. When you layer contextual information on top of objects, products, or places, you end up with a seamless, magical experience and the cultural sector is proving the limitless possibilities.” 

Read the Full Article: "Museums are the best place to find innovation in AR”

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