Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology Launches New Digital Membership Cards with Cuseum


We are pleased to announce that the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology has launched their new digital membership cards with Cuseum!  

Located in the heart of University of California, Berkeley’s campus, the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology has been “dedicated to the study of cultures from yesterday and today both near and far,” since opening their doors in 1901. However, the museum did not always call Berkeley home, and it wasn’t until 1931 that the institution made the journey to Berkeley from its original location in San Francisco aka “the Golden Gate City!”   

The museum functions as an educational, research oriented facility that supports community members and students alike through an expansive collection of over 3.8 million objects from around the world. We are thrilled to welcome the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology into the Cuseum family and look forward to seeing how they continue to engage and educate the people of Berkeley and beyond!  

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