In the Spirit of Earth Day, Here’s How Zoos & Aquariums Can Go Green with Digital Membership Cards

Zoos and Aquariums

Zoos and aquariums attract 181 million visitors annually, and members make up a large portion of those visitors. At the same time, physical membership cards continue to be a huge source of paper and plastic waste As membership remains a key source of revenue for zoos, it’s important that it stays an attractive option to the environmentally-conscious demographic of zoo visitors. By helping you roll out a digital membership program, Cuseum can assure that you will continue to attract new members, as well as hold onto your current ones.

Promote Eco-Friendly Values Across the Board  

A digital membership option is the ideal way for zoos and aquariums to affirm their dedication to the environment. Just check out how you can go green with digital membership cards! Environmental education is also a key attraction for your members. For example, 94% feel that zoos and aquariums teach children about how people can protect animals and the habitats they depend on. Why not expand your commitment to sustainability to encompass your entire organization? In addition to modeling conservation and environmental protection through your exhibits, you can offer visitors a membership solution that reflects your goal–and theirs–to protect the environment and teach children the value of sustainability.

Engage Your Tech-Savvy Audience

Zoo and aquarium members are already a tech savvy bunch. Zoos engage over 16 million members of Facebook, nearly 2 million members on Twitter, and over 800,000 members on Instagram. As you already know, your key demographic is highly tech-literate millennial mothers between the ages of 25-35, who come to visit with their kids. Among the Millennial generation, three in four say they've used their e-wallet in the past year, so why not introduce another card to it? By rolling out a digital membership option, you can target your audience of young families most effectively.

Simplify Your Reciprocal Program

Digital membership cards will also ease the process of reciprocal admission. With their digital membership card, zoo members can easily access the list of zoos and aquariums where they can benefit from free or discounted admission by presenting their home zoo membership. This will encourage visitors to engage in the reciprocity program and build solidarity among zoos and their affiliates.

Best of all, all of this can help you not only save the planet, but also save time and money. Take advantage of the environmentally-friendly mobile wallet revolution and switch to a digital membership program today!

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