Tips For Turning Your Organization’s Supporters Into Advocates For Your Cause


Guest post by Eventbrite

The key to success as a non-profit is having followers who believe in you and want to see your organization succeed! Whether they show their loyalty by participating in local arts programs, working with rescue animals, or volunteering at their neighborhood food pantry, supporters and advocates drive your organization to do better and do more.  

Supporter or advocate… what’s the difference?

Both supporters and advocates are essential in reaching an audience and teaching others about your cause, but how are they different? Generally, supporters believe in your mission and want to see the organization succeed. They probably follow you on social media and pay attention to your updates, but they don’t actively promote your cause.

Advocates go above and beyond to get the word out, convert others to your cause, and show their loyalty to your organization in countless ways. They also promote your cause to their network, which is important to growing the audience of any non-profit organization. More awareness means more growth, and it’s one of the many reasons why you should always be trying to convert your supporters to advocates!


Become a member—and don’t stop there

Support is a vital ingredient to the success of any museum or organization, and certainly the most well-known way of supporting a museum is through your membership. The organization benefits directly, and the member gets all the perks that come with membership, in addition to the satisfaction of supporting something they believe in. Don’t let your supporters stop there though, because are a number of other ways they can show love for their favorite organizations!

The good news is, you already have the resources, and we’re here to give you some ideas for how to use those resources in new ways to target audiences you might not be reaching yet and convert your supporters into more impactful advocates.

Tell them what they need to know

Posting permanent resources on your website for those who want to spread awareness about your cause is a great way to plant the seed in the minds of supporters poised to become advocates. Static web pages ensure that your information is always easily available if someone wants to learn more about what you do or share your information with others. Remember, if you don’t don’t tell them about it, they may not know about it!

If you plan it, they will come

Public events are one of the most powerful ways to engage a loyal fan base. Here a person might come in a supporter and leave an advocate. If you’re planning an event, use resources like this nonprofit fundraising tool to simplify the planning process. You can sell tickets, track sales, and even create a mobile-friendly site so supporters can easily join the fun!



Don’t forget about social media! These platforms are an effective way to spread your message and drive traffic to pages and articles that can inspire followers to show support! Smart and simple things to do on social media include call-to-actions like “make a difference in 2018” or “start today!” Once you’ve crafted a compelling message, don’t post it without a few hashtags. Hashtags such as #volunteer, #fundraising, and #socialgood will ensure that your posts reach a wider audience. Your supporters already follow you on social media, and sharing compelling content will encourage them to get more involved.

Tools of the trade

Simply visiting a museum benefits the organization and is a sign of support, and museums can use the visitor experience to nurture the conversion from supporter to advocate! To enhance a visitor’s experience and capitalize on digital trends, mobile engagement tools will help your organization grow and attract attention in ways you might currently be missing out on! Creative methods of visitor engagement will help pique your visitors’ interest and encourage them to become members.


A reminder to museums: you can use exhibits in creative ways to engage visitors and members to encourage them to move further down the path to advocate! You can offer behind the scenes tours, early-bird access to new exhibits, art-themed scavenger hunts, fashion shows, and so much more. Museums have an endless well of creative possibilities for rewarding members and attracting new supporters who will one day become advocates!

Go forth and advocate

We hope this sparked some ideas and gave you a push to start reaching out to your supporters in new ways! Every supporter can become an advocate, and with these tips and tools, you can engage your supporters and encourage them to advocate for your cause. There’s more to supporting an organization than visiting or donating, and it’s important to bring the other possibilities to the forefront of supporters’ minds. Keep an eye out for a future post on incorporating digital into your fundraising strategies!

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