Introducing a New Partnership: Cuseum & Neon One


Partnerships are the backbone of the museum and nonprofit world, and strong collaboration is vital to sustaining cultural space. From the relationships between organizations and their constituents, communities of volunteers, to partnerships between museums and brands, these networks are the lifeblood that keeps nonprofits thriving.

At Cuseum, we’re big believers in partnerships, and we’re committed to building relationships that will help boost up our rapidly growing family. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Neon One, a robust software suite specially designed to help nonprofits “grow, inspire, and scale.” 

At Cuseum, we share that same goal. That’s why one of our top digital solutions, digital membership cards, offers museums and cultural institutions a more convenient and modern way to do membership that increases engagement and enables better outreach. 

In this post, we want to show you why we’re so psyched up about this new partnership. We’ll explore what Neon offers, what Cuseum offers, and how we can do more together:

Neon One, Software Built for Nonprofits

Neon One was founded with the mission of becoming “the most comprehensive and authentic technology ecosystem for nonprofits.” Neon offers a cloud-based nonprofit software suite that provides tools to organizations big and small, and across a range of industries. Neon helps nonprofits manage fundraising, members, donors, events and websites. Just a few of the many features include:

  • CRM

  • Fundraising and Donor Management

  • Membership and Associations

  • Events and Ticketing

  • Email and Communications

  • Integrations and APIs

NeonCRM is designed specifically for nonprofits and it facilitates deeper connection between nonprofits and their constituents.

Cuseum Digital Membership Cards:

At Cuseum, we also want to help nonprofits engage more deeply with their members. That’s where digital membership cards come in.

What is a digital membership card? Digital membership cards are a new take on traditional membership. They offer a revamped, more effective approach to membership programming, which is the oldest way of sustaining loyalty in the nonprofit sector.


Instead of a physical card, a digital membership card can be conveniently downloaded and saved to your members’ smartphones. They display member names, member levels, and scannable barcodes, just like physical cards do. However, they are also able to update changes and renewal notifications in real time. Cards can be customizable to match various membership levels and even feature reciprocal benefits and partner institutions. The benefits are huge:

  • Offer convenience for museum staff and members alike

  • Save time and money by reducing the amount of administrative labor poured into sustaining membership programs (say goodbye to envelope stuffing!)

  • Provide a new medium for outreach to members

  • Drive membership renewals and museum engagement by delivering notifications straight to your members’ smartphones

  • Reduce your environmental impact by eliminating paper and plastic that is used to produce and ship physical membership cards

  • Afford members easy access to the local deals and reciprocal admission benefits that come along with membership

  • Stay relevant by being at the forefront of the movement to go digital across all industries.

How do NeonCRM and Cuseum Digital Membership Cards Work Together?

Digital membership cards can integrate directly with NeonCRM. Through Neon, you already have all your constituent data in one place. With Cuseum’s simple integration process, your digital memberships can quickly be created using this already existing data. 

This integration allows for speedy delivery for membership cards, which will win you big points with your new members. Members also appreciate the immediate physical symbol of their membership, as well as be able to access their museum and reciprocal benefits without any lag time. By integrating your CRM with digital membership cards, members can also receive renewal reminder notifications before the anniversary of their join date, as well as other customized information.

NeonCRM and Cuseum Digital Membership Cards are pretty awesome on their own – but, when used together, you can achieve powerful results in your membership program.

Interested in learning more about nonprofit software? Contact Cuseum and Neon today!

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