Museums at the Crossroads: the Role of Corporate Partnerships

Museums at the Crossroads

Our very own CEO, Brendan Ciecko, was tapped for insights for the report, Museums at the Crossroads: the Role of Corporate Partnerships, published by international PR group Grayling.

Brendan offered up his perspective on some of the latest trends in museum partnerships with brands, corporations, and more.

“The ‘museum as a laboratory’ concept is focused on collaboration, co-creation, and social experiences... This new or recalibrated museum “platform” becomes a playground for communities and businesses. Such approach leads to more dynamic exhibitions, supporting the creation of new works, and opportunities for participation.”

Brendan shared how much museums and brands stand to gain when they partner up. As museums evolve into more production-oriented organizations, they won’t be able to thrive without outside collaborators. According to Brendan, “The cultural institutions that will triumph in the 21st-century will be those who build an army of partners and collaborators, not those who operate in silos and impermeable vaults.”

But it’s not just the museums who will benefit from corporate partnerships. As Brendan said, “Studies have shown museums are trusted more than some of the world's biggest brands, and this type of association is positive for any type of business.

Reader's digest version? There’s a whole lot to gain on both ends when museums and companies partner up.

Download a copy of the Grayling white paper on museum and brand collaborations.

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