What’s the Return on Investment for Digital Membership Cards? Find Out Now with our New ROI Calculator

ROI dollars

Running a membership program comes with a lot of moving parts and responsibility. With traditional membership cards you may be spending more time, money, and effort than you think. Between the printing of paper or plastic cards, postage, staff labor, never-ending membership mailings, and lapsed members, just how high is your membership expenditure and how does that accumulate over time?

We’re here to help you figure that out. We’ve rolled out a calculator that can show you exactly how much your organization can gain by switching to digital membership cards. All you need to do is input a few simple facts and figures that your membership staff should have right on hand. Then voila! – you can see the return on investment and other benefits made possible by introducing digital membership cards to your members. 

Check out Cuseum’s Digital Membership ROI Calculator here.

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