Explore iRobot’s “Cool Stuff Museum” With New Mobile App


Cuseum is pleased to announce the launch of iRobot’s new “Cool Stuff Museum” mobile app! The app enhances the visitor experience at iRobot, and builds on the company’s mission provide outreach programs that act as a resource for students, parents and educators alike to share their passion for the robotics industry. 

From the official description: 

“Explore the building blocks of the world's coolest robots. The iRobot Cool Stuff Museum app will enhance your experience of the museum with more info about innovations in robotics and how they help us in our daily lives. From robots inspired by insects to our most famous product, Roomba. iRobot has been innovating for over 25 years and we're just getting started! iRobot has more than 25 years of leadership in the robot industry and remains committed to building robots that provide people with smarter ways to clean and accomplish more in their daily lives.”  

Founded in 1990 by MIT roboticists, iRobot has developed some of the world’s most important robots, while also driving STEM education programs. We are excited to welcome iRobot into the Cuseum family, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to educate and inspire the STEM community!  

Download iRobot’s new mobile app for free in the App Store and the Play Store.

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