Cuseum Featured in VentureBeat for AR Exhibit


Cuseum was recently featured in VentureBeat, a leading tech publication, in a piece focusing on our work with AR! The article highlights the new AR exhibit at Pérez Art Museum Miami, featuring new works by artist Felice Grodin.

“During the Pokémon Go craze, some museums plotted to lure in players by hyping up their usefulness as PokéStops. But Cuseum has found another way to integrate augmented reality with cultural institutions. It partners with museums to create AR apps that supplement the museum-going experience. Most recently, it teamed up with Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and artist Felice Grodin to create four location-based AR artworks for viewing at various spots in PAMM’s gallery space. The exhibit is called Invasive Species, and it will run through April 21, 2018.

‘Every museum has a slightly different goal or vision in mind when it comes to experience, especially when it comes to AR,’ said Ciecko in an email to GamesBeat. ‘In the case of Perez Art Museum Miami, the museum embarked on an artist-driven approach where AR acts as the new medium and channel for distribution. This means producing entirely new artistic works and delivering them in a way that most visitors haven’t experienced before.’”

Read the entire article, “Cuseum brings its AR museum tech to Pérez Art Museum Miami.”

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