PSFK Highlights Cuseum in Article on Augmented Reality and Cultural Experiences

PSFK-Cuseum-Press-Mention v2.jpg

There is a growing discussion around how AR can be used to elevate the museum experience and bring exhibitions to life. PSFK, a leading trend reporting publication and authority on consumer experience, reports on the topic in the piece “How Augmented Reality is Changing the Museum Experience.” 

“Museums and outside groups are primarily incorporating AR into collections through standalone apps, like Cuseum or Google’s Tango, or Snapchat lenses like one recently released by the Whitney, which lets viewers superimpose their face onto a painting. Mixed reality experiences and activities provide visitors with more information and interaction without taking up space in the location, and they may also serve to raise the appeal of museums to visitors who typically find them boring.” 

Read the Full Article: "How Augmented Reality is Changing the Museum Experience"  

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