Cuseum Featured in Time Magazine


Cuseum was recently featured in TIME in a news story that explores the increasing use of technology and social media in the museum space. 

“ Anyone who has ever enjoyed an audio tour can understand that technology has the potential to make the museum experience better and more accessible, even if it rankles purists who want to contemplate brushstrokes in silence. A startup called Cuseum, for example, is piloting an augmented reality app: swing your phone around a gallery and bubbles pop up on your screen showing the name of the artwork and the artist. Tap on them to hear context that is too robust to be displayed on a label. Crucially, founder Brendan Ciecko explains, this can be programmed to happen in any language that a visitor happens to speak, which raises an interesting question: If you learn more about a piece of art by allowing your screen to mediate the experience, is there a net gain?”  

Read the full article: “Is Instagram Ruining Art? One Museum Is Trying ‘Photo Free’ Hours.”

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