Cuseum Partners with Newfields to Launch New Digital Membership Cards


Newfields, formerly the Indianapolis Museum of Art, has launched their new digital membership cards with Cuseum

Newfields encompases the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Garden, Fairbanks Park, and more! With a collection of over 54,000 pieces, including African, American, European, and Asian art, the IMA offers a rich and wide-ranging visitor experience. 

“You might like getting up close to masterpieces by artists like Rembrandt and Turner, Cezanne and Picasso, O’Keefe and Hopper, Calder and Lichtenstein and LeWitt and Sherman. You might become curious to see what is considered the most comprehensive collection of Neo-Impressionist paintings in North America. You may linger near major works of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Pop Art, light- and video-based works, and contemporary design. Or possibly you’ll just decide to tour the planet, viewing galleries of art from Asia, ancient Greece, South America and beyond. Anyplace you start is the perfect starting point.” 

We’re so pleased to be partnering with Newfields in their mission to bring “exceptional experiences with art and nature” to all of their members! 

Interested in learning how digital membership cards can benefit your organization? Schedule a free consultation with Cuseum today!

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