Cuseum CEO at Culture Summit Abu Dhabi 2018

Culture Summit-Cuseum.jpg

We are pleased to announce that Cuseum’s Founder & CEO Brendan Ciecko has participated in CultureSummit 2018 Abu Dhabi. 

Revered as the “Davos of culture,” the summit took place on April 8th-12th and invited innovators and artists from around the world to come together and create new connections under this year’s program titled “Unexpected Collaborations: Forging New Connections Between Heritage and Innovation, Near and Far, Creativity and Purpose.” 

The summit included many notable speakers, breakout sessions, and performances, and attendees were encouraged to work together to “identify ways that culture can raise awareness, build bridges and promote positive change.” 



Brendan presented on cultural entrepreneurship, which ties into the mission of the summit, and the greater theme of the conference: connections. More specifically the connection between innovation, and “the role of culture in improving our world.” The conference asked participants to draw on their experience across industries to come together and tackle big-picture questions about how culture and technology can drive positive change and innovation. 

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