Help your visitors navigate your venue

Navigating unfamiliar places can be challenging for your visitors, and the traditional paper maps can be expensive to produce and maintain. With Cuseum's way-finding features, you can help your visitors get acquainted with their surroundings and highlight various points of interest along the way.

Interactive Maps
Being in a large space, whether it be indoors or outdoors, can be stressful for your visitors. Give them the comfort of knowing where the nearest exhibitions, bathrooms, and exits are at a glance.


For experiences that exist outdoors, your visitors will enjoy the convenience of seeing where they are and the points of interest around them. We support GPS, interactive maps, and "blue dot" for outdoor environments.

Step-by-Step Directions
Our platform makes it easy to create step-by-step directions to help your visitor get from point A to point B. Guide your visitors along tours with special directional notifications.

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