San Diego

San Diego Archaeological Center's New Web App is the Future of Engaging with the Past

We are stoked to welcome the San Diego Archaeological Center to the Cuseum family with the launch of their web app. The app features four different digital tours, including the thirteen-part “By Land and Sea,” which helps users rethink what they know about ancient peoples in the New World. The app also provides an “Archaeology 101” tour, which offers hands-on activities to help both children and adults learn the basics of archeology.

Keeping It Contemporary: The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego Announces New Digital Membership Cards


We’re proud to announce that the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego has launched their new digital membership cards! At Cuseum, we value museums using digital solutions to increase member engagement!

The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego wishes to, “serve diverse audiences through the exhibition, interpretation, collection, and preservation of art created since 1950”. What better way to serve a diverse audience then through easily accessible digital membership cards?

Keeping their museum contemporary, the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego has now serves their members in the digital age!

Interested in learning how digital membership cards can benefit your organization? Schedule a free consultation with a Cuseum expert today!  

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