San Diego Archaeological Center's New Web App is the Future of Engaging with the Past

San Diego Archaeological Center

We are stoked to welcome the San Diego Archaeological Center to the Cuseum family with the launch of their web app. The app features four different digital tours, including the thirteen-part “By Land and Sea,” which helps users rethink what they know about ancient peoples in the New World. The app also provides an “Archaeology 101” tour, which offers hands-on activities to help both children and adults learn the basics of archeology.

The San Diego Archaeological Center is dedicated to the care, management, and public accessibility of its myriad artifacts. Before the Center was founded, many of its precious historical relics were scattered throughout a mix of private and public institutions, gathering dust in bags and boxes. As a professional nonprofit, the Center is committed to serving as “a curation facility and museum where visitors can learn the story of how people have lived in San Diego County for the past 10,000 years.” The San Diego Archaeological Center is devoted to the care of its artifacts as well as “the return of archaeological collections to the public as a cultural resource that they can understand, appreciate, and value.”

Cuseum is thrilled to help the Center deeply engage in its mission to share its discoveries in “media and formats designed to engage diverse and multi-level audiences.” We hope to continue assisting in their commitment to make archaeological collections accessible to broad audiences. Go visit them today and check out their new web app!

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