Cuseum Launches “Ink For The Arts” to Bolster Efforts to Save Arts Funding


Cuseum announced today, Ink For The Arts, a new initiative to unite people in the fight against the elimination of federal arts programs. The campaign comes in reaction to the on-going threats to cut funding for the arts, which would put the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and other programs at risk.

“Any attack on the arts threatens our ability to create, innovate, and express ourselves freely. We launched Ink For The Arts to amplify the voice of the arts community, create a bold, visual sign of support for the arts, and show we all have skin in the game… literally,” said Brendan Ciecko, Founder & CEO of Cuseum.

Cuseum designed and produced thousands of temporary tattoos for arts supporters to wear as a public sign of solidarity and resilience. People can show their support by posting photos of themselves with the tattoos on social media with the campaign hashtag #InkForTheArts.

“We feel it’s our responsibility as a company that works in the arts and culture sector to do everything in our power to take a stand and bolster the advocacy efforts. Museums, theatres, studios, and all who comprise our country’s diverse arts community — we have your back,” said Ciecko.

In the first week alone, Cuseum has already distributed thousands of tattoos around the country and has received orders for over 2,000 tattoos. With the growing interest, Cuseum plans to produce 10,000 more and donate the profits to various arts advocacy organizations.

Click here to learn more about Ink For The Arts!

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