Introducing Guest Pass Referral by Cuseum

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Increasing attendance, membership, and visibility are some of the top priorities across the cultural space. To date, there’s been no easy and cost-effective solution that empowers organizations to leverage the networks of their most dedicated supporters to address these goals. Your constituents have valuable connections with the potential to elevate your organization – if only there were an easy way to tap into them. 

We’re excited to announce a new product to tackle this challenge: Guest Pass Referral.

At Cuseum, it’s our mission to help the nonprofit world thrive by developing digital tools that reimagine traditional paradigms in cultural space. Until now, member guest passes have historically been something members received, but often lost or forgot about. We believe guest passes hold an abundance of untapped potential, and we’re here to help you unleash this.

Our new tool puts guest passes to work for you. With Guest Pass Referral, you’ll be able to provide easy-to-distribute digital guest passes that will help you multiply your reach, deepen trust with your constituents, and aid in new visitor and member acquisition. Let’s dive in!

Boosting Attendance

At Cuseum, we’ve worked with hundreds of cultural institutions, large and small, to implement mobile engagement tools and digital membership programs that address their pain-points and achieve various goals. In the process, we’ve talked with countless development, membership, visitor services, and education staff at nonprofits across the world. Our partners all have one thing in common: they are in a never-ending state of trying to increase their attendance, membership, and revenue. 

But many of these efforts in this arena are antiquated, expensive, and difficult to track and measure. With the compounding of our research, analysis, and eagerness to deliver even more value to our partners, we saw an opportunity to help cultural organizations harness the power of membership in the name of driving new visitors, members, and revenue to your organization – using smart technology, data, and automation.

Boosting up Museums & Nonprofits

Our solution leverages your already-existing constituent base to bring in new audiences and members. What’s the secret? The digital guest pass.

If you’re a museum or attraction, you may already offer guest passes, but you probably don’t know if, how, and when they’re distributed or who your guests are. Yet, the friends, family, and social connections of your current membership base who use those guest passes are all potential members – if you only you knew who they were and how to reach out to them. As it stands, every guest is a lost opportunity for your museum to attract another potential visitor, customer, or donor.

Cuseum is here to help you seal the cracks in your current system. Guest Pass Referral delivers complementary digital guest passes, allowing you to leverage existing members’ networks and gain insights into who uses your members’ guest passes and when. 

Just like that, your guests are transformed from strangers into potential members. With new insight into your current members’ guests, no one needs to fall through the cracks. Armed with valuable data about your constituents, you’ll be able to multiply your reach by stewarding your current member’s connections and cultivating new members by penetrating new networks previously outside of your reach.

Boosting Up Members

Guest Pass Referral isn’t just here to boost museums and public attractions – your members will love it too! Digital guest passes are peak convenience for your constituents. No longer will members have to worry about losing their valuable guest passes in piles of junk mail. Instead, they’ll be able to navigate to them easily within their email inbox, so they can invite their guests to their favorite cultural attractions in a paper-free, no-hassle way.

Another huge bonus? Guest Pass Referral makes it easier than ever for members to transform a typical museum trip into a social experience with their friends and family. Digital guest passes enable members to invite their connections for a museum adventure, without the added burden of exchanging paper guest passes. As museums and public attractions make new strides to become interactive, community-driven, social spaces, digital guest passes will empower them to embrace their role as cultural watering holes in ways members are sure to appreciate.

Supercharged Benefits

Digital guest passes are the boost your organization needs to drive engagement and attendance, learn your audience, and facilitate growth in member acquisition.

  • Increase your attendance numbers through referrals with ease. Unlock the value of your members and donors with digital guest passes.

  • Tap into social influence. Understand your most digitally active members and their influence.

  • Gain insights. Understand the journey from original member, to guest, to new members.

  • Save time & money. Reduce the time and costs of printing and mailing physical guest passes.

  • Convenience. Members can quickly and easily invite their friends and family to facilitate social experiences.

  • Save the planet. Go green and reduce your carbon footprint with an environmentally friendly option.

Networked Futures

What does this all mean for the future? We believe that cultural institutions can find new strength by drawing on the networks of their members and benefit from the insights provided by this new avenue. When museums cultivate members from interlocking social networks, they become vital facilitators of connectivity, which supercharges the benefits and appeal of membership.

Guest Referral Referral by Cuseum is a vision for the future. We will be working towards a solution that fuses multiple sources of data and harnesses predictive models to reach members and potential visitors and members most effectively. Long-term, digital guest passes have the potential to provide deep insights into your audience and the interlinkages in your constituent base that can enable you to retain and acquire new members.

Imagine using social activity and engagement data to chart all the overlapping networks among your members and gain a detailed understanding of your most enthusiastic, well-connected, and valuable patrons – this is what we envision. Guest Pass Referral provides cultural institutions with the tools they need to nurture social connections, which can open new doors for museums as they adapt, evolve, and transform.

We look forward to helping you drive new visitors with an acquisition tool that is optimized for today’s modern, digital world. Ready to give your organization a boost?

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