Cuseum CEO Talks AR in Museums & the Cultural Sector at Augmented World Expo 2018


We are excited to announce that Cuseum’s CEO & Founder Brendan Ciecko will be speaking at Augmented World Expo 2018! Held in Santa Clara from May 30th-June 1st, the conference is the world’s #1 AR+VR conference and expo. AWE takes a look at how XR (AR, VR, and MR) can be utilized across all industries and how companies and organizations can avoid being left behind by this rapidly evolving technology. 

Brendan will be speaking about “How AR is Transforming Museums and the Cultural Sector,” more specifically, about how XR has impacted museums and the way we interact with the art within them. 

Interested in learning more about how Cuseum is leveraging AR to help museums? Let’s chat!

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