Timken Museum of Art Enhances Visitor Experience with Launch of New Mobile App


We’re proud to add the Timken Museum of Art to the Cuseum family with the announcement of their new mobile app!

Official press release:

The Timken Museum of Art launches 2 visitor enhancement tools to enrich the museum-going experience for visitors—a mobile app, powered by Cuseum, and a redesigned responsive website. Both the app and website give users an opportunity to experience, learn about, and engage with the art on view at the Timken by providing contextual multi-media content, including audio tours and videos of the exhibitions, an interactive map, and a calendar of museum events and programs.

The app and website offer unique content related to the Timken’s special exhibitions. For the Timken’s current exhibition, Witness to War: Callot, Goya, Bellows, the app offers exclusive audio/video interviews with the Director of Curatorial Affairs, Derrick Cartwright, who provides insight into the three artists and the exhibition; and Nuvi Mehta, Special Project Director for the San Diego Symphony, who created a soundscape of selected excerpts from three poignant, classical works - Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No. 11 and Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 6 - to accompany the compelling exhibition.

The launch of the Timken app and newly designed website has been part of a broader conversation on how to incorporate technology into the museum to connect people to art, enhance the visitor experience and advance scholarship. 

“Art and technology have always been intertwined,” said Megan Pogue, executive director. “Art tells stories, connects history, reflects culture and depicts the universal narratives of mankind. Digital tools allow visitors to delve into the symbols and messages encoded in art of the past sparking conversations on how it applies to the world of today.”

The Timken app is available for free at timkenmuseum.org/app!

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