The Verb Hits the Right Note With New Mobile App


The Verb, a distinctive Boston hotel that pays homage to rock ‘n roll history, has recently increased the scope of its collection of memorabilia, “including show posters, set lists, rare artwork” and more! Debuting along with the fantastic souvenirs is The Verb’s new Cuseum-powered app to help visitors navigate this memorabilia flashback to the golden age of rock ‘n roll!

The Fenway reports:

“As for the tech aspect, The Verb has partnered with Cuseum, a Boston-based startup and Techstars alum, that aims to, in the words of founder Brendan Ciecko, “bring artifacts to life.” The app, that will be available to visitors, will work as a digital docent and give visitors a guided tour by detecting where users are in relation to specific pieces, pulling up additional, digital information about the artifact in the process.

‘Imagine walking up to one of the artifacts and as you approach, you’re able to listen to a quick clip of that concert and you’re able to have an enhanced experience—something beyond what’s in front of you,’ says Ciecko. ‘A big part of our goal is to merge those experiences and amplify the impact of The Verb’s collection by tying it to music, dynamic media, or a moment in time.’”

The Verb’s new app is available on the App Store.

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