Madison Children's Museum

A New State of Play: Madison Children's Museum Introduces New Digital Membership Cards

We’re proud to announce that the Madison Children's Museum has launched their new digital membership cards! Cuseum is so happy that the Madison Children's Museum has a “focus on sustainability” and these new membership cards will aid in that focus.

The Madison Children's Museum believes that, “sustainable stewardship of our resources demonstrates our interconnectedness and inspires thoughtful choices.” Sustainability is one of their core values, which is further emphasized through the use of these new digital cards. Coupled with values of inclusion and play, a new digital membership solution  is the perfect way to have a more interactive and inclusive means of contact.

The Madison Children's Museum has taken the initiative to ensure the planet for the next generation and we are proud to assist them in their efforts!

Is your organization looking to benefit from the conveniences of digital membership program? Schedule a free consultation with Cuseum today!

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