Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

A Presidential Campaign: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation Announces New Digital Management Cards

Lincoln Library

“Four Score and seven years ago”… but actually today! We’re proud to announce that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation has launched their new digital membership cards! At Cuseum, we value sites that showcase history in a new light and use new means of technology.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation’s mission is to, “support the educational and cultural programming of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; fosters Lincoln scholarship through the acquisition and publication of documentary materials relating to Lincoln and his era; and promotes a greater appreciation of history through exhibits, conferences, publications, online services, and other activities designed to promote historical literacy.” The Digital Membership cards aid in the creation of a better membership program.

For a library that is trying to preserve paper through any means necessary, it makes sense to switch over to a more green alternative like the digital membership cards.

Is your organization looking to benefit from the conveniences of digital membership program? Schedule a free consultation with Cuseum today!

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