MCA Denver Launches New App to Enhance Visitor Experience


Congratulations to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver on the launch of their new mobile app! In partnership with Cuseum, the new app provides visitors with an in-depth look at the wide range of exhibits at MCA Denver. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the app launched in conjunction with the museum’s highly anticipated exhibitions Basquiat Before Basquiat and Ryan McGinley: The Kids Were Alright.

MCA Denver is dedicated to exploring the art and culture of our time with exhibits from local, national, and international artists. Their exhibits are housed in an environmentally friendly building designed by architect David Adjaye and intended to “minimize boundaries between the exterior spaces of the city and the interior galleries of the museum.”

The goal of embracing the outside world and eliminating the borders between the museum and the public is reflected in the MCA Denver’s mission to “serve as an innovative forum for a culturally engaged community.” They achieve this through teen and adult educational programs, as well as a variety of public events. We hope this new mobile app will help support their mission with a new digital touch.

The MCA Denver app is available on the App Store.

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