Fairfield University Art Museum Launches New Mobile App


Cuseum is excited to launch a new mobile app with the Fairfield University Art Museum. This special collaboration further proves that museums of every shape, size, and budget can enjoy the benefits of digital for their visitors.

Fairfield University Art Museum launched their new mobile guide in conjunction with their special exhibition “Hair in the Classical World.”

“We chose Cuseum so that we could make our exhibitions more interactive, and to provide an opportunity for museum patrons to learn more about the artworks on view.” said Carey Weber, Assistant Director of FUAM. “Audio tours in a university museum setting are an exciting chance to work collaboratively with different partners on campus.”

Publicly inaugurated in the fall of 2010, the Fairfield University Art Museum is housed in Fairfield University’s signature building on campus, Bellarmine Hall. The award-winning FUAM stewards a rich and varied collection of paintings, sculpture, decorative art objects and works on paper, including ten paintings from the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods; a large selection of historic plaster casts after canonical works from ancient Greece and Rome; a range of non-Western art objects, including pre-Columbian figures, Chinese funerary objects from the Han and Tang Dynasties and 19th-century South East Asian sculptures; and twenty objects from the Celtic, late Antique, Medieval and Renaissance periods on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art/The Cloisters Museum.

FUAM mounts up to four special exhibitions each year. These shows, which embrace a wide range of themes and academic disciplines, are intended to enhance the museum’s permanent collection by examining artifacts through an array of viewpoints and divergent perspectives.

Fairfield University Art Museum’s app is free on the App Store and available for all devices at http://app.cuseum.com/fuam

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