Live a Life of Adventure With Ease: Adventure Science Center Announces New Membership Cards

Adventure Science Center

Adventure Science Center has now launched their new digital membership cards in partnership with Cuseum. These new digital membership cards have creative names after different space shuttles, such as Apollo, Gemini, Voyager and Endeavor.

For a museum that is always at the forefront of technology and innovation, digital membership cards are the perfect fit at the Adventure Science Center. From programs like Yoga under the Stars, in the planetarium, to the accessible partnership museums, the members of the Adventure Science Center are always on the go! With new digital membership cards there is no need to keep track of a traditional plastic card because your card is right at your fingertips.

Kudos to Adventure Science Center for adopting an adventurous new membership program!

Is your organization looking to benefit from the conveniences of digital membership program? Schedule a free consultation with Cuseum today!

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