Explore the History of Soap with Clean the World Foundation’s New Web App

We are pleased to announce that the Clean the World Foundation, a leading global health nonprofit, has launched their new web app the Soap Story! The Soap Story museum is the latest addition to the Clean the World Recycling Operations Center in Orlando Florida, and is the first soap museum of its kind.

The mission of the Soap Story is centered around the aim to “create an interactive, educational experience centered around health, beauty, and hygiene while driving awareness to Clean the World Foundation’s water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs.” The museum will cover over a century of soap history, from early 1800’s soap advertisements, antique washers, educational pieces on the importance of soap throughout the world, and Clean the World’s WASH programs. The museum will even include the opportunity to learn more about original soap brands, including popular name brands like Palmolive, Yardley, Dial, and Tide, just to name a few! 

The web app allows users to enjoy an interactive and educational experience and will lead visitors through exhibits, interactive games, puzzles, and imagery, all while raising awareness about a greater global cause. We are thrilled to welcome the Soap Story into the Cuseum family, and look forward to seeing how they continue to engage and educate their visitors!    

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