Cuseum Talks Technology and Visitor Engagement in VentureFizz

Venture-Fizz-Cuseum-Press-Mention v2.jpg

Cuseum was recently featured in VentureFizz, in a piece that looks at where Cuseum has come from, while also looking at where the company hopes to go in the future. It also illustrates how Cuseum’s latest endeavor, digital membership cards, contribute to the overall mission of the company and support the aim to leverage technology to drive engagement in cultural institutions and museums.  

“There are tens of thousands of museums across the globe looking to connect with their attendees in a more efficient way. While Cuseum hasn’t conquered the museum world quite yet, Ciecko is pushing for an even bigger year. “In 2017, we are looking to raise the bar as high as possible,” Ciecko says about his company’s future. “And get into as many museums as we can.” 

Read the Full Article: "Cuseum: Providing Engagement to Museum Attendees Through Technology"

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