Cuseum (Formerly Spotzer) Featured in Fast Company on How iBeacon Technology is Helping Cultural Institutions


Cuseum (formerly Spotzer) was recently featured in Fast Company, a leading technology and entertainment publication, in an article that seeks to understand how the iBeacon can be utilized in cultural institutions like museums and libraries. The article focuses on the central question, “are cultural institutions the environment iBeacon has been waiting for?” Further, it looks to understand how groundbreaking technology like the iBeacon can be leveraged across industries to help cultural institutions provide visitors with an experience that targets their direct interests.  


“When Apple launched iBeacon last year, experts said it would transform the retail industry. But while companies have used iBeacons to sell everything from currency exchange at airports to designer handbags at Macy’s, some startups are using the technology to help libraries and museums innovate. Boston-based startup [Cuseum] has used the technology in museums to reinvent the way people interact with art.

This particular technology really ties together what makes libraries and museums so valuable to the world. They’re an indelible, invaluable physical venue for knowledge,” says Brendan Ciecko, CEO and founder of [Cuseum].” 


Read the Full Article: "The Internet of Things Plan to Make Libraries and Museums Awesomer"

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