New Digital Membership Cards Launch at Frist Art Museum


We are pleased to announce that Frist Art Museum has launched their new, digital membership cards with Cuseum!  Since opening their doors in 2001, Frist Art Museum has delighted their visitors with an array of art from both the surrounding region, and around the world.  

Working under the vision to “inspire people through art to look at their world in new ways,” the Frist Art Museum presents visitors with exhibits that have been described as “unlike any traditional art museum you’ve ever visited.” More importantly, the Frist Art Museum has become a hub for the rapidly expanding and evolving Nashville arts scene, and seeks to shake things up by treating their visitors to an experience unlike any other through educational and interactive exhibits.  

We are pleased to be partnering with Frist Art Museum to promote this vision, and look forward to seeing how they continue to inspire the people of Nashville and beyond!   

Interested in learning how digital membership cards can benefit your organization? Schedule a free consultation with a Cuseum expert today! 

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