Explore Boston’s Seaport District with Their New App


The Seaport has fully embraced its unique and vibrant community with an equally representative app in partnership with Cuseum! With the Seaport being so close to Cuseum’s main office, the partnership was a match made in Fort Point heaven!

As a “synergistic community of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, Seaport has forged a culture all its own. The atmosphere in Boston Seaport is steeped in history but imbued with a creative, youthful energy”. With a mission that hits very close to home, Cuseum wants to support the Seaport and their mission in every way possible!

Seaport is a thriving community of innovators and artists in the Boston area, and what better way to showcase local creativity than a new mobile app?

Seaport’s new app is available for free and can be found here.

Interested in learning how a mobile application can benefit your organization? Schedule a free consultation with a Cuseum expert today!

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