Optimizing Membership for the Digital Age: Introducing Digital Membership Cards


There is no question about it: museums and public attractions are being redefined in the digital age. Shouldn’t membership evolve as well? We are excited to announce a new product to help modernize membership practices: digital membership cards.

At Cuseum, it’s our mission to help museums and cultural institutions accelerate visitor engagement through a variety of digital tools. Our partners and countless institutions came to us looking for ways to leverage the power of digital for their members. We listened to their voices, and those of their visitors and members alike to address a variety of current challenges, needs, and goals.

Digital membership cards further enhance member experience, and streamline the institution’s fulfillment process. Let’s jump on in.

Bye, bye friction… Membership Goes Digital

Members are some of the most valuable assets to museums. Museums must first acquire, then retain, and continue to engage their members to receive sustainable support from patrons. Sounds easy, right? Not so much.

Traditionally, membership acquisition, fulfillment, and retention efforts are highly manual, time-consuming, and… you guessed it: expensive.. Fulfillment operations include burdensome tasks such as sign-ups and syncing membership information across databases. What’s more, the process of sending print requests, assembling welcome packages, replacing lost cards, and sending renewal notifications via snail mail contribute to production and labor costs.

Our digital membership cards not only address and resolve these points of cost and friction, but they also provide a host of benefits for both museums and members.

Member Benefits

Digital membership cards embrace convenience. Members no longer have to keep track of physical cards, which are easy to lose and just take up space. Visitors now have access to their favorite  organizations, right in the palm of their hand. The digital membership card allows them to effortlessly make the most of their membership, realizing the full benefits including reciprocal institutional relationships, upcoming exhibition information, and even event notifications.

Another case for convenience? Digital membership cards leverage a member’s existing mobile wallet, which is native to almost all smartphones. Unlike mobile apps, digital membership cards via mobile wallet require no additional downloads. No app download or wait time required. Customers adopt technology when and where it’s useful, and mobile wallet provides undeniable utility for all.


Furthermore, imagine your visitor as they walk through town and recieve a pop-up message which reads: “Hey! You are right near the Awesome Museum of Awesomeness. Enjoy free admission today!” Using location-aware alerts, the digital membership card can send gentle reminders, benefits, and relevant information straight to a visitor’s phone. This feature also works for reciprocal institutions. So even when visitors are on vacation, they can remain engaged from hundreds or thousands of miles away through their digital membership card and enjoy all the benefits they may otherwise miss out on

Supercharged Benefits

Digital membership cards offer a low-cost, streamlined, and effective way to engage with members and deliver more value to them.

  • Save time and money. Instead of printing and shipping membership cards, news, and renewal notifications by mail, instantly and efficiently deliver membership digitally. Members appreciate convenience and the museum can save countless time and money on postage, envelopes, paper, cards, etc.
  • Drive more value. Promote membership benefits, discounts, and reciprocal programs to the fullest all on one easy-to-use platform. Remind your visitor, even when they are not on-site just why they are so fortunate to be a member.
  • Increase renewals. Digitally send renewal notices, reminders, and time-sensitive information in an instant.
  • New outreach channels. Instantly put special messages in the palm of a member’s hand through push notifications, location-based alerts, and other marketing avenues.
  • Save the planet. Push aside paper and plastic to go green with our much more environmentally friendly option.

Ready to go digital?

In an increasingly digital world, memberships are next in line for a major upgrade. Easy to implement and easy to customize, digital membership cards give institutions the opportunity to quickly and easily improve their membership process.

Members crave convenience. Give them what they want and share in the benefits.

Ready to supercharge your membership cards?We’d love to hear from you.

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