Cuseum CEO to Speak at Hirshhorn Museum’s ARTLAB+


Next week, Brendan Ciecko, Cuseum’s CEO & Founder, will be speaking at ARTLAB+ at the Hirshhorn Museum. ARTLAB+ is a free, after-school, digital arts program for teenagers. The program connects the students to mentors, who support them in their creative pursuits.

“Through collaboration and a range of special programs, participants strengthen their critical thinking skills and learn to express themselves creatively. The mission of ARTLAB+ is to give teens the opportunity to develop the marketable technological skills they need to lead the next generation of innovators. Participants explore, tinker, and experiment with a variety of media and are given the chance to use professional video and photo gear, music and recording equipment, and other resources to produce video games, graphic designs, and 3D designs, as well as other creative projects.”

Supporting the next generation of artists, engineers, and innovators is vital, and we’re excited that Brendan will be taking part in such an important and worthwhile program.

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