The Montalvo Art Center gets creative with their new mobile app!

Montalvo Villa New79950885088.jpg

The Montalvo Art Center has now joined the growing list of Cuseum customers with their new mobile app! The Montalvo Art Center is committed to showing art of all kinds in their unique historic property.

We support the the Montalvo Art Center’s mission, “to engage the public in the creative process, acting as a catalyst for exploring the arts, unleashing creativity, and advancing different cultural and cross-cultural perspectives. We achieve our mission by creating and presenting arts of all types, nurturing artists, and using our historic property in innovative ways”. There is no better way to engage the public than by using our mobile app with new tours and maps!

We are glad the Montalvo Art Center has become part of the mobile revolution and we hope they will continue to use digital methods for further visitor engagement. Go visit them today and try our mobile app!

Try the Montalvo Art Center’s New Mobile App:

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