Membership Cards to the Commonwealth: Commonwealth Club of California Launches New Membership Cards

Cuseum is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth Club of California has made the switch to digital membership cards! Hosting a myriad of lectures and forums for the benefit of the people of the Bay Area, the Commonwealth Club of California has so many members that trying to print a card for each would very time consuming! With the club being situated near Silicon Valley, it’s a perfect fit to allow members to access their membership cards from their phones!

The Commonwealth Club of California meets at a variety of locations and times throughout the Bay Area, and now it has never been easier to bring your membership card with you, making it possible to attend every event the club has to offer!

Founded in 1903, the Commonwealth Club of California is the oldest and largest public affairs forum in the United States and we are proud to partner with them!

Is your organization looking to benefit from the conveniences of digital membership program? Schedule a free consultation with Cuseum today!

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